Snippet Compiler Version Two Changes
Jeff Key
November 27, 2005
Updated: January 29, 2006
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Please note that version was the last .NET 1.1 version. Versions 2.0.8 and later are .NET 2.0 only.

  • Added: Option to add to Explorer's Send To menu. (Enabled by default.)
  • Fixed: Unhandled exception when minimized to notification area and user shuts down computer.
  • Fixed: Adding Start Menu shortcut causes exception on non-English Windows.
  • Fixed: Path cannot be the empty string or all whitespace at startup.
  • Fixed: Form is not maximized when restarted, even when maximized on close.
  • Fixed:  CTRL+N and CTRL+O weren't mapped. [.NET 1.1 version]

  • Fixed: Unhandled exception when minimized and user shuts down computer
  • Fixed: "Path is not of a legal form" error at startup

  • Added bug/feedback form.
  • Fixed: Context menu not showing on errors ListBox.
  • Fixed: Error tooltips containing gt/lt throws exception.
  • Fixed: Fails at startup if Languages folder doesn't exist.
  • Fixed: "Run from Command Prompt" is broken.

  • Fixed: File|Close is available when no documents are loaded.
  • Small fixes.


  • Compiled to .NET 2.0 final. Misc changes to accommodate this.


  • [.NET 1.1] Stopped using installer.
  • [.NET 1.1] Fixed:  UserSettings.xml exception at application startup or shutdown.


  • Added option to run from user-specified folder instead of random one. 
  • Added option to save window position.
  • Only show files that can be opened in Open menu/toolbar.
  • Fixed: Missing file in SCProjec crashes app.
  • [.NET 1.1]  Fixed: Exception occurs during OS shutdown. 


  • Created .NET 2.0 beta 2 version. This is a completely different version with its own bugs and whatnot.
  • Removed ASP.NET support. Please use one of these great apps instead: WebMatrix or Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005.
  • [.NET 2.0] No installer. Start menu, desktop and quick launch shortcuts can be created in the Options dialog.
  • Made dialogs Large Fonts-friendly.
  • Updated third-party control that was causing "Invalid XML" exceptions at startup.
  • Several little fixes.


  • Temp fix for OutOfMemory exception on Windows 2000. (Side effect: disabled menu icons aren't grayed-out in Windows 2000.)

The following are many, but not all, of the changes from v1.11 to 2.0.1802.6024. To keep the list short, I'm listing only things that have been requested.

  • Added add-in support.
  • Added support for .NET 2.0.
  • Added support for x64.
  • Saved Snippets folder has been moved to MyDocuments\My Code Snippets.
  • Settings saved in Application Data folder instead of the registry.
  • Added export RTF to clipboard.
  • HTML and RTF clipboard exports are saved as both the native formats and text.
  • Added "spaces per tab" option.
  • Added Replace All.
  • Incremental search now works like VS.NET*.
  • Added "Outlining"*.
  • Added modified/saved line highlights like VS 2005*.
  • No longer showing hidden files/folders in menus.
  • Added J# and JScript support.
  • Added pluggable language support. (Please contact me if you'd like to add a .NET language.)
  • Files (code and project) can be passed via the command line/dropped onto the Snippet Compiler icon.
  • Added SelectAll/Copy menus to output textbox.
  • Added [un]comment toolbar buttons.
  • Added internal web browser (Cassini). No longer requires IIS.
  • The current references are now added to project files.
  • Added bookmarks, increase/decrease indent, delete horizontal whitespace*.
  • Added Build and Text Editor toolbars**.
  • No longer needs manifest file for XP "theming"; using third-party control to do all custom drawing**.


  • SC was saving a DateTime value in the registry. .NET doesn't store dates in a culture-neutral format, so if the user switched between two or more regions with incompatale date formats, the app would error at launch.
  • Error when running, output tab is not on top and Redirect output to Console is selected.
  • Right-Alt shouldn't highlight menus on some non-US keyboards.
  • Error when selecting font that doesn't support Regular style.
  • Referenced assemblies are not always copied correctly.
  • Crashes when directory in "references directories" list (registry) doesn't exist.

* Thanks to ActiPro for making these so incredibly easy.
** Thanks to Skybound for the toolbars, theming.