NCover Browser
Jeff Key
October 7, 2004
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Here's another one I wrote a while ago but never posted. It's simply an alternative view of the standard NCover  XML report.  (If I remember correctly, I took the idea from someone that wrote a VS.NET add-in. I prefer to do stuff outside of VS, thus this.)


  • Nodes in tree show aggregate completeness. Anything less than 100% is colored red.
  • Clicking on a class displays the class visit info, clicking on a member displays only that member's info.
  • Visit information is colored red if visit count is zero.
  • Unvisited lines have the familiar red squiggle under them.
  • Drag & drop file on app to load, File|Reload to reload.
  • Print source files.

Thanks to Actipro Software for the always excellent syntax highlighting editor.

Download   (NCover requires the .NET Framework v1.1; so does this)

(Sorry, no source due to the licensed control. You aren't missing out on anything.)