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Music Web Site

URL Buddy

Little Image Browser



NCover Browser



Temp File Manager

Clipboard Viewer

Whidbey Project Converter








Hosting and controlling other applications




Retrieving file system icons




TextBoxBalloonTip class




Base62 struct










Snippet Compiler











sliver.Net assembly



Object State Browser




HighColorIcon class



Access Query Analyzer



HtmlLinkLabel class




MenuHandler class



Tracer assembly



Version Info




Folder Size Browser




Wow, resource files are useful in web apps




Versatile Runtime Debug Output with Switches




Obfuscating strong-named assemblies




Writing for obfuscation #2




Tracing obfuscated assemblies




Bug in binary/soap formatters..beware!




Threads in .NET




String interning




Beware (binary) serializing delegates that point to non-public members




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